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Latinx Advocacy Team & Interdisciplinary Network for COVID-19 (LATIN-19)

The Latinx Advocacy Team and Interdisciplinary Network for COVID-19 (LATIN-19) is an interdisciplinary, multi-sector coalition that works to address health disparities within the Latinx community. They provide a space for leaders and allies of the Latinx community, specifically in North Carolina, to create collaborative and interdisciplinary solutions in a trusting and committed environment. Their coalition brings together health system professionals, community-based professionals and organizations, and concerned people to collaboratively: 

  • Create and facilitate space for expanded conversations about the disconnect between Latinx communities systematically excluded from healthcare networks, and the existing health system, to identify gaps in health care access, information and barriers. 
  • Assess alignment of community needs and the available health resources in partnership with grassroots organizations, health system representatives, and payors. 
  • Advocate for changes in health system policies to advance efforts to align care delivery models to include communities in need.

Learn more about LATIN-19 here.

Access their Spanish COVID-19 resources here.